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We had Performances from:

Anaïs Héraud with “DAWDLE”.
Anaïs Héraud is a performer and visual artist focusing her research on the materialisation of emotions constructing the experience of self. (

Anaïs Héraud and Tanja Pipi with “Capitalism designed my orgasm”.

Katie Dunbar, Stella Veloce, Emilio Gordoa.
Katie Dunbar is a performer, dancer and visual artist investigating how consciousness is developed through interaction, connection and perception. Therefore she is continually investigating the relationship between her identity and society. (
Stella Veloce is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and an obsessive-compulsive looper. A symphonic refugee, she wanders across music genres, performing solo as well as collaborating with talented fellow travellers. (
Emilio Gordoa is a Mexican musician and composer mainly engaged in research, development and composition of different experimental styles with a particular focus on the execution of percussion and the vibraphone as his primary instrument. (